Soft Fabric Paint FAQs

Will Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint work on all fabric?

Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint works best on 100% cotton light-colored fabric. Test your fabric before beginning a project, be sure your material absorbs the paint. The best test is to spray your fabric with water and see how the water reacts. If the water absorbs into the fabric the paint should as well. If the water sits on top of the fabric, or beads, then the paint will do the same. You can try to rub the paint into the fabric, but it might take a few coats to get the right color.

Check the fabric after it is dry to make sure the paint fully absorbed. Do not use if paint does not absorb after normal drying time, 72 hours is recommended. Practice spraying before spraying directly onto your project. Paint is permanent.

Keep in mind that Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint was created for apparel and small home decor projects. We recommend that you use Upholstery Fabric Spray for your large projects – it is a different formula than Simply Spray and can work on various materials.

What is the difference between simply spray soft fabric paint and stencil spray?

Stencil Spray feels like silkscreen when it is dry, Soft Fabric Paint is soft when dry. Stencil Spray is a thicker paint that should only be used for stenciling. It does not spray in a fine mist; it sprays thick, like a stream, and is meant to spray in a sweeping motion.

will simply spray soft fabric paint work on furniture, like my sofa?

We recommend using Upholstery Fabric Paint rather than Soft Fabric Paint for furniture. Upholstery Fabric Paint is a different formula and more suitable for heavier fabrics.

will simply spray soft fabric paint work on silk or polyester?

Soft Fabric Paint will work on silk, but it will not have the same affect as it will on cotton. It will run on silk or polyester, leaving a more tie-dyed look; it won’t be as controllable as it is on 100% cotton.

how do i stop the paint from leaking through to the back of the shirt?

The easiest way to avoid this is to spray in light layers and do not soak the shirt. Move the can slowly across the shirt while you are spraying and do not leave the can spraying in one spot. You can also put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so there is a barrier between the layers.

How many shirts does one can of Soft Fabric Paint make?

Depending on your use, Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint can make many projects; one can should cover about 30 sq feet. When tie-dying shirts, you can cover about four adult large T-shirts (front and back). Using multiple colors limits the amount of cans you will need.

Can you use stencils with Soft Fabric Paint or just Stencil Spray?

Yes, you can stencil with Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint. It requires a little more skill than stenciling with Stencil Spray. The consistency of Stencil Spray is thicker; it sticks to the stencil allowing nice crisp edges. To stencil with Simply Spray, lightly spray stencil with spray glue and use an absorbent material to protect the rest of your project. After spraying, pat the top of the stencil off with a paper towel to avoid excess paint dripping. Be careful when pulling the stencil off.