Stencil Spray FAQs

What is the difference between Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint and Stencil Spray?

Stencil Spray feels like silkscreen once it dries, Soft Fabric Paint is soft when dry. Stencil Spray is a thicker paint that should only be used for stenciling. It does not spray in a fine mist; it sprays thick, like a stream, and is meant to spray in a sweeping motion.

Can you use stencils with Soft Fabric Paint or just Stencil Spray?

Yes, you can stencil with Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint. It requires a little more skill than stenciling with Stencil Spray. The consistency of Stencil Spray is thicker; it sticks to the stencil allowing nice crisp edges. To stencil with Simply Spray, lightly spray stencil with spray glue and use an absorbent material to protect the rest of your project. After spraying, pat the top of the stencil off with a paper towel to avoid excess paint dripping. Be careful when pulling the stencil off.

How long should I wait between colors before I can spray the next color?

Stencil Spray is a very thick paint. You should spray the paint in thin layers and allow it to dry between sprays. You should build the paint on each layer. The colors can be overlapped and you do not have to wait to spray the next color, but you might end up using too much paint, which would cause the stencil to run.

My Stencil Spray is spraying in a stream, is this normal?

Yes, Stencil Spray is a thick paint and the pressure in the can is much higher in order to get the paint out of the can. Although the paint sprays in more of a stream, it will cover your stencil when you spray in thin layers.

Will Stencil Spray work on silk or polyester?

Stencil Spray will work on silk, but it will not have the same affect, as it will on 100% cotton. It might run underneath the stencil and be difficult to control the paint. You should spray in very light layers, building on each layer.

Will Stencil Spray work on leather?

Yes, Stencil Spray will work on leather and feels like silkscreen when dry.